Monday, 4 May 2015

Appreciate Your Creative Mind & Make Dekh Bhai images for Android Devices

Dekh Bhai idea grew in the mid nineties as one of the highly praised TV show. The show entertained viewers like anything before. It was the most excellent entertainment show & peoples feel affection to share the show comments with others. AppsBazaar which is a mobile app development company has been developed Dekh Bhai Funny App which is used to troll others & pass a joke on somebody humor. Dekh Bhai, Jo Baka & joke on Bollywood celebrities has gone viral now days. We can say Dekh Bhai memes took place of the instant messaging & jokes in the era of Android mobile apps.

With this mind blowing technology you can create your personal Dekh Bhai facts, Quotes, images & edit Dekh Bhai, Jo Baka, Dekh Bhaya, jokes etc easily. 

Go through the following steps to create Dekh Bhai Images:
  1. Install this Android mobile app on your phone. To download this app you can explore through the AppsBazaar official site & Google play store as well.
  2. Select between inbuilt templates.
  3. Perform manual editing as per your needs.
  4. Once you have done with its editing, save the meme & you can also share it on social media like Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp & Pinterest via the provided interface.

One of the best things about the app is, it’s very easy to navigate interface & graphics used in the display panel. It’s the right time to explore your creativity by designing different kinds of memes for your personal use. Pick from a vast range of smiley’s & edit text style, color appearance, background color and much more as per your needs.  

Hurry up! Download Dekh Bahi Funny app & start relishing your creativity & save your creation permanently within your device.

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