Wednesday, 13 May 2015

One of the Best Android Battery Booster Which Will Help to Increase Battery Life

Battery Saver (Power Booster)

Nowadays, there is a different kind of smartphones in the market & they come stocked with a huge range of features. From a rich and wonderful configuration to a high quality camera for that high quality selfie, all these features are really important when you are purchasing a new mobile. At the same time, maybe the most critical highlight of all is a long battery life. In the IDC survey, it found that approximately half of the smartphone buyers consider battery life as an important point.

Battery Booster is one of the ideal answers to the above mentioned points. Battery Booster is a free & propelled Android mobile app to get durable battery reinforcement. This Battery Saver application enables clients to quickly look rising battery charging status and find which application & which activity is exhausting more battery life. 

So, manage Android power usage as per your preferences & extend the battery life of Android with Battery Saver App

The Battery Saver App has comprised of superb preset battery power organization modes & moreover with manual setting choices to incorporate your modified force sparing mode. Make a single click & a perfect solution in your hand to get rid of the Android phone power backup problems. Battery Saver is the least complex and most straightforward answer to run your Smartphone functioning admirably. 

Goods of Battery Booster App: 

1. Unique three stage charging modes i.e., Constant Charging, Trickle Charging mode & brisk Charging mode. 
2. Different modes accessible according to clients needs.
3. It gives best results for the measures of battery life.
4. Its easy interface gives a complete control over how each app runs on the back end of Android phones.

Summing up, if Android power backup is a serious issue for you, then you have to go with Battery Saver (Power Booster).

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