Monday, 18 May 2015

“Easy File Transfer” to Share Files with Wi-Fi Direct

Android Easy File Transfer App

As per the recent investigations on how to transfer big files between Android devices, without using USB cables & Bluetooth. We had quite a bit of feedback on what apps users thought were better matched to file transfer, so in this blog, I am going to narrow down the topic & converse about the excellent app by AppsBazaar for moving files from one Android device to another through your personal network. 

Transfer big files between Android devices without internet is a time consuming & tedious procedure. Sharing small size files via Bluetooth doesn't take much time, but when the file size is as big as up to gigabytes. It might take a few minutes & become tedious. Let’s use your personal network to make this task easier with Easy file transfer app. Easy File transfer app is one of the most suggested apps for moving files across your personal networks. It comes fully equipped with lots of features.

easy file transfer
Easy File Transfer App

The interface of initial set-up & connection screen is really simple: after you have done with installation procedure you can run the app from your Android phone. Easy file transfer is an app that takes advantage of Wi-Fi to transfer big files in just seconds. You can transfer multiple files of any format & allow much more file transfer speed as compared to the other apps.

This easy to use app developed by AppsBazaar enables easy discover & pairing of devices within your network & you can download it for free from play Store.  

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